The election didn’t turn out how I would have liked, but I am so incredibly proud of my campaign and grateful, and humbled by the support shown to me by so many across Lexington. Thank you to my wife, Sherry and my two sons - Curt & Eli. Despite what was going on everywhere else I could walk into the house and still feel loved and supported. I had the absolute BEST team - Jeanne Krieger, Jeri Zeder, Pam Hoffman, JJ Krawczyk, Irene Dondley & Lisah Rhodes - thank you so very much! And thanks to so many others, who contributed either their time or financial resources. I am lucky to have had such outpouring of support.

Yes, I received less votes than Judy, but that doesn’t make what my supporters did for me any less appreciated. Democracy is messy, and makes our country great. It’s easy to appreciate democracy being part of the majority - but the truest test is appreciating it when you are part of the minority. Judy ran a fair campaign, and I congratulate her on her victory. At the end of the day we are one town, and we all want what’s best for Lexington, even if we don’t always agree on what that is, or how to get there. And just because I’m not going to be on the school committee it does not mean I won’t be seen around town. I will still be an advocate for all voices, not just the loudest ones. I will still try to get as much input as possible and pass that input to decision makers, and I will still be in Town meeting. I will need to take a little time adjusting to my new role, but I promise you, you have not heard the last from me !

Bonnie Brodner

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