About Bonnie Brodner

Personal statement

My wife Sherry and I moved to Lexington seventeen years ago, like so many families, because of the reputation of the public schools. What we have found here has surpassed our highest expectations. As we became part of this strong, engaged, and caring town, we found a community that values education not only for our children, but lifelong learning for all of us.

I first ran for School Committee because I wanted to follow in the footsteps of those citizens who came before me, who stepped up to serve because they wanted to take an active role in ensuring that every child gets a fair shot to thrive and succeed. In seeking re-election, with the experience and knowledge that I have gained these past three years, and with the challenges and opportunities on the horizon for our schools, I am well-positioned to continue to serve the schools and the community.

I offer: Inclusiveness. The desire and ability to listen to all voices. The resolve to base my committee votes on fact, community input, fairness, integrity, and above all, on what is best for the children of Lexington Public Schools.

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