Incumbent works to provide safe schools

Melanie Thompson

January 30, 2014

Bonnie Brodner is an exceptional candidate for the Lexington School Committee.

Over the past three years, Bonnie has contributed to our schools by working to provide safe and secure school environments at the Estabrook, Bowman and Bridge Elementary school renovations.

Bonnie cares about the students that make up the Lexington Public School system, and understands that the changing demographics enhance and enrich our school system. Most importantly, Bonnie has contributed to advancing student achievement for all students by meeting gap-narrowing goals for all students, providing more support for all students in ELL and METCO programs, and assisted students at the high school level to move to proficient and advanced levels on MCAS.

Overall, Bonnie Brodner is a strong advocate for the students, teachers and staff that make up the Lexington School System, and I fully support and recommend her continued representation on the Lexington School Committee.

Melanie Thompson

Lowell Street

This letter originally appeared in the Lexington Minuteman in print on January 30, 2014.

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