Committee member listens, analyzes

Nancy Reiner

January 23, 2014

I was excited to hear that Bonnie Brodner will be a candidate for reelection to the School Committee in our upcoming election. At a time when communities across the state bemoan the lack of citizen participation in local government, we here in Lexington are indeed very fortunate that someone of Bonnie’s caliber is once again willing to step up to the plate and give of herself and talents in service to the town for another term on the Committee.

In her first term on the School Committee Bonnie has put her prodigious listening and analytical skills to work to ensure that our students at all levels are advancing their skills and that our school facilities are upgraded to meet current educational demands. Cost-effective renovations to Bowman and Bridge Elementary Schools have been completed and the new Estabrook School will come on line this February, on time and under budget.

Bonnie recognizes that there are still challenges resulting from increasing enrollment. Going forward how can we as a community meet the needs of a future generation of students? How are we going to provide for our increasingly diverse student community and maintain first class facilities? Bonnie understands the way that the municipal and school side of town government must work together to address these tough issues. She’s been an elected Town Meeting member since 2005.

I have known Bonnie for several years through the schools, the neighborhood and other venues. Bonnie has the experience and integrity to get the job done. She gives unselfishly of her time and energy to work for the best of community. Please join me in voting for Bonnie Brodner for School Committee on Monday, March 3.

Nancy Reiner

Paddock Lane

This letter originally appeared in the Lexington Minuteman in print on January 23, 2014.

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