Brodner is able to balance the needs

Jamie Larowitz Sherman

January 9, 2014

Lexington residents consider our public schools to be a point of pride. But we also know that our schools face challenges. It takes a delicate balance of student needs, teaching and administrative talent, and budget restrictions, to maintain our schools’ standards of excellence, and to be sure that, as good as they are, our schools continue to become even better. Bonnie Brodner well understands how to achieve that balance. Bonnie brings to her position on Lexington’s School Committee the intellect, experience, fair-mindedness, passion and commitment to ensure that our schools continue to thrive and to strive. That’s why I’m endorsing Bonnie Brodner for re-election to the Lexington School Committee. And, I want to publicly thank Bonnie for the work she has already accomplished on behalf of our schools and our children. I hope to see her continue that work.

When school-related issues come up, I want to be sure I understand the particulars and see both sides. I am not embarrassed to admit that in those cases I depend on Bonnie! At times, parents (myself included!) can have emotional and knee-jerk reactions to issues surrounding our children’s education. I can think of no one else who is more measured and respectful in tackling complicated matters where parties’ interests may collide, or who brings a more nuanced, thoughtful bearing to her analyses.

Bonnie’s many contributions to this town speak volumes, and I urge you to read about them in her campaign materials. But here, I want to focus on her consistent advocacy -- of course for our children -- but also for Lexington’s parents, teachers and staff. We have an extraordinary School Committee representative in Bonnie Brodner. Let’s make sure we keep her working for Lexington’s schools!

Jamie Larowitz Sherman

Smith Avenue

This letter originally appeared in the Lexington Minuteman in print on January 9, 2014.

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