Incumbent up to speed, not stale

Betsy Hatfield

January 30, 2014

Please join me in supporting Bonnie Brodner for School Committee.

Bonnie’s politics defy easy labeling. But here’s what I have learned about her decision-making process. Bonnie is a thinker. She is comfortable with complexity and nuance and doesn’t expect simple or perfect solutions. She has the imagination and confidence to ask lots of questions and the skill and experience to weigh the answers and other evidence in pursuit of the optimal course. It did not surprise me to find out that Bonnie’s degree is in computer science! Viewing the role of the committee as setting direction and policy, she trusts the teachers and staff to follow through without micromanagement from on high.

Bonnie has a good heart. She wants to give all kids the chance to develop to the best of their abilities. She worries about the gap between the very well-off families and the not so in our town and the implications for our schools.

Lexington faces challenges in the decade ahead. Because of the excellent reputation our schools enjoy, enrollment is growing. Buildings and equipment need upgrading. A timetable will have to be developed, one that takes into account other municipal needs, important to people like me who don’t have school-age children, as well as the timing of the availability of matching funds through the Massachusetts State Building Administration.

With one three-year term on the School Committee to her credit, Bonnie is fully up to speed but far from stale. She knows the town, the issues, the schools, the players. It’s in the voters’ best interests to tap that on-the-job education and return her to office on Monday, March 3rd.

Betsy Hatfield

Potter Pond

This letter originally appeared in the Lexington Minuteman in print on January 30, 2014.

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